If the subscription you choose has the right to use a software package, you can use it on any number of domains without limitation even after the subscription expires. For more information see our Terms of Service.

We provide support in both English and Spanish.
The answers will be in the same language in which support is requested in both, the forum and the private tickets system.

Note: If you intend to build a multilanguage website using third-party extensions, prior to subscribe you should consult the list of third-party extensions and versions supported by KMFasTrans. When in doubt ask a question in the Q & A section on the forum. Make sure the extension and the versions you need are on that list before purchasing the subscription because no refunds for mistakes in this regard will be made.

Important note:

Due to financial difficulties currently we can not make KMFasTrans updates to future versions of Joomla, so we can not ensure that KMFasTrans will work with new versions of Joomla.

New subscriptions are not possible anymore.

We will continue to provide support to active subscriptions.



Prices do not include VAT.

If the purchase is made in a non-European Community country, no VAT will be charged.

If the purchase is made in an European Community country, the applicable VAT in that country will be charged over the prices shown if the VAT number is not VIES-registered. No VAT will be charged if the VAT number is VIES-registered.

(When filling the subscription form, if you are a business, we will consult the VIES database, and will add the applicable VAT over the price if your VAT number is not registered in VIES.)

If the purchase is made in Spain, prices will always increase by 21% in VAT.