KMFasTrans is composed of a component and several plugins and modules. Installation is performed following the same procedure as the installation of any component, using the Joomla installer. When installing the component, the plugins and the modules are also automatically installed without additional intervention.

From version 2.3.0 when you install KMFasTrans PRO for the first time or you upgrade to PRO from FREE, the installation process will automatically create sets of translations based on existing Joomla associations.

If you are installing for the first time, the installation process will check if the version of KMFasTrans to be installed is compatible with the version of Joomla, and if so, it will create all tables and data necessary for proper operation.

If it's an update, that is, it is not a first installation, KMFasTrans will keep all data as they were before the upgrade. The upgrade process checks, just like in the installation, if KMFasTrans version is compatible with the version of Joomla, and will also perform the following additional checks:

        • The version to be installed is equal to or higher than the installed version.
        • FREE version is not installed over PRO version.

If any of the above checks fails, the process aborts and displays an error message or a warning. The state existing prior to the installation or upgrade remains unchanged.

Installing support for third-party extensions

For KMFasTrans to know third-party extensions you need to install the proper support plugin for each third-party extension you want to use. When installing the plugin, the Joomla, KMFasTrans and third-party extension versions are checked and if incorrect the plugin is not installed or is not enabled if already installed.

If the plugin installation is sucessful, all extension elements supported will be accessible on the filter - Select Element Type -. For example, once the plugin for K2 support is installed that filter will show the following:

K2 elements

Extension specific Modules and Menu Items will also be available when selecting Modules or Menu Items in the filter.

You can view the supported third-party extensions and their versions and download the support plugin in Third-party extensions support


KMFasTrans is uninstalled just like any component, but you only need to uninstall the main KMFasTrans component. By doing so, the plugins and all modules will also be unsinstalled.

You should not uninstall the product unless you do not want to continue using it anymore, because the uninstall process will remove without notice all tables and all data, and can not be recovered.

Otherwise you must upgrade.

Needless to say that you should make a backup copy of the website prior to any installation or uninstallation of the component.