Installation instructions

These software installation instructions are valid for all extensions present on this website. For each extension there is also a specific installation documentation that you can consult in Documentation.

FREE versions

Initial installation

Go to FREE DOWNLOADS, find the download of the desired extension and, if there is one available whose version is higher than the one you have installed, and it is compatible with your Joomla version, download and install the zip file.


Older FREE versions do not support the Joomla! Update process. If you have an old version and you want to update it, you have to download the new version and install it as if it were a new installation. Free versions that do not support the Joomla! update process are as follows:

- KMFasTrans FREE: no version supports it.
- K2 support plugin: any version equal to or lower than 1.1.0.

PRO versions

Initial installation.

In My downloads you have the extensions that you can download depending on the active subscriptions you have. Just download the zip file and install the extension using the standard Joomla installation process.

If you want to receive software updates in a domain other than the live domain, to test the new versions for example, it must necessarily be a sub-domain of the live domain. This is because only a single domain and / or subdomain can be authorized per subscription. If you authorize a domain or subdomain other than live domain then you will not be able to receive updates in the live domain.


The latest PRO versions support the Joomla! Update process, and this is the only way to update an extension. In order for this process to work correctly, you must have authorized the domain where the update will be received on our website and you must also have entered the Update Code obtained when authorizing the domain, in the extension configuration.

All PRO versions higher than version 3.1.1 support the Joomla! Update process.

For more information visit Software Updates and FAQs.

TRIAL versions

All TRIAL versions support the Joomla update process.

Initial installation

To perform an initial installation of a TRIAL version it is necessary to install the corresponding STARTER.

A STARTER is a skeleton version (numbered 0.0.X) of an extension that contains the minimum functionality necessary to enable two things:

1. Installing the latest version of the extension compatible with the installed Joomla version, using the Joomla update process.
2. Checking that the domain in which the extension is installed has been authorized to receive software updates.

The STARTER of an extension is installed initially and only once. Once installed, all software updates are made through the Joomla update process.

If an extension is designed to use a STARTER, the first and only installation to be performed will be that of the STARTER.

Once the STARTER is installed, the installation of the extension will take place with the first update. This will occur if the following conditions are met:

  1. There is an available extension version compatible with your installed Joomla version.
  2. You have an active subscription to the extension. If you want to check it, you can do it in My subscriptions.
  3. You have authorized the domain in which you are going to install this starter, to receive software updates. If you want to check it go to My subscriptions and in your extension subscription click on Authorize Domain(s) or See All Authorized Domain(s).

The only extensions currently designed to use a STARTER are the TRIAL versions

TRIAL versions should not be used in production systems. Have in mind that the PRO version can not be installed over the TRIAL version nor can the TRIAL version be updated to the PRO version. To install the PRO version you have to uninstall the TRIAL version, and doing so will lose the work done. That is why it is most convenient to install the TRIAL version on a local server.

The installation of a TRIAL version requires to authorize on this website the domain and / or subdomain in which the TRIAL version is going to be installed. If you are going to install the TRIAL version on a local server, you will have to define a local domain on the local server, for example or as localhost name and add it as a virtual host to your web server This is necessary because the domain you have to authorize must have a correctly formatted domain name.

To install a TRIAL version you have to previously install the corresponding TRIAL STARTER. The TRIAL version will be installed as the first and only software update. If there is an error in the software update, you will have to obtain a screenshot of the error and attach it to a support request using the ticketing application.


The update process is identical to that of the PRO versions.