Enable Machine translation service

To enable a translation service you have to access the KMFasTrans configuration window. You can get there from Components-> KM FasTrans-> Control Panel-> Options, or from System-> Global Configuration-> KM FasTrans. Once there you have to click on the 'Translation Service' tab and you will get the following screen:


Here you can configure a machine translation service from those available in the dropdown menu 'Translation service'. This can be used within KMFasTrans PRO to suggest translations when translating items.

The currently translation services supported are:

  1. Microsoft Bing translator.

Microsoft Bing Translator is a hosted service by Microsoft that provides language translation.

 To enable the Microsoft Translation Service you have to:

 Step 1. Open an account in Microsoft Azure, Cognitive Services

At the time of writing you can subscribe to several plans based in the number of characters to translate per month. There is a free plan that allows translation up to 2 million characters per month.

Please note that Microsoft may change its plans at any time.

When you open an account they give you a KEY1.

Step 2. Configure KMFasTrans Translation Service.

    1. Choose Microsoft Text Translator (Bing V3) as the translation service. When making this selection you will see an input box with the label 'Bing translator KEY1'.
    2. Enter in this input box the value of KEY1 obtained in step 1

Click on Save and you are done. Now, in the editing screens of KMFasTrans, when you see the icon

and hover the mouse over it, the drop-down

will be displayed. By clicking on the link you want from the two existing links you will get the translation to the language you are editing, or to all the languages that you have loaded on the editing screen