Enable Language Switcher module

KMFT Language Switcher module is an alternative to native Joomla Language Switcher module when the component KMFasTrans is installed. What this module adds respect to the native module is:

  • Language switching at the article level for categories in language 'All'.

    Joomla 3.x provides article level switching, but if the language of your article and the category to wich the article belongs is 'All' then you still need the KMFT Language Switcher module. As an example, suppose we have a menu item whose type is Featured Articles in English, which shows the articles that belong to one or more categories. If one of these categories has language 'All' and there is an article in language 'All' assigned to that category, when the menu item is displayed, all the items in those categories will be seen, including the one in language 'All'. However, if we click on the title of the article to see it in its entirety, and then we switch to another language, for example Spanish, the native Joomla Switching Module will not show in Spanish the same article that is in language 'All', but the list of featured articles in Spanish.

  • Language switching at the article Table of Contents

If you have an article with a lot of text such as a user manual and you have divided it into sections using the 'Page Break' button in the editor, and you have enabled the 'Button - Page Break' and 'Content - Page Break' plugins, when the article id displayed a table of contents will be displayed. Clicking on a link in the table of contents will display the corresponding section. Well, if you use the KMFT Language Switcher, when you change the language you will see the same section in the new language.

  • Preserving custom parameters in the url in SEF mode

If you want to add custom parameters to your urls and you have SEF mode enabled, the KMFT Language Switcher module will keep those parameters when switching language. For example, if you have a menu item of the type https://mysite/myarticle and you want to add one or more parameters to have a url of the form https://mysite/myarticle?par1=value1&par2=value2 when switching language, all the links to any other language will have the string ?par1=value1&par2=value2 added to the end of the url, for example for the Spanish language we would have https://misitio/es/miarticulo/?par1=value1&par2=value2.

If you don't use any of the above features you can publish the standard Joomla! Language Switcher module.