Synchronize Associations

KMFasTrans PRO includes synchronizing associations between KMFasTrans and Joomla.

Association synchronization processes are available to perform mainly two functions:

  • During the initial installation of KMFasTrans, the Joomla associations will be synchronized with KMFasTrans. This means that based on the existing items associations in Joomla, Translation Sets in KMFasTrans will be created to contain the existing translations. This process is done automatically during installation.
  • To manually solve situations in which items are not correctly associated, situations that will rarely occur. If you use the KMFasTrans tools or Joomla to create and edit translations you will probably never have to use these processes

Synchronization of items associations contains two subfunctions:

  • 1. The creation or modification of KMFasTrans associations when creating or modifying Joomla associations.

Each time you edit an item that support associations using the Joomla native editor, a set of translations is modified created or destroyed to reflect the associations created with the editor. If you have added a new menu item to a group of menu items, for example, the corresponding set of translations of KMFasTrans will be updated adding the new item to the set. If the association has been removed in Joomla, the corresponding menu item in the set of translations of KMFasTrans will be removed (and the set destroyed if no associations remained).

  • 2. The creation or modification of Joomla associations when creating or modifying KMFasTrans associations (sets of translations).

Each time you create or modify a set of translations in KMFasTrans, either by editing one of its elements or by the association or dissociation of a member of the set, you also create or modify the corresponding items associations in Joomla.

These two processes can also be launched manually at any time to build KMFasTrans sets of translations based on existing items associations in Joomla, or to build items associations in Joomla based on KMFasTrans existing sets of translations. In either case are sets or associations modified if they are not affected, for example a set won't be destroyed because its associations doesn't exist as Joomla associations.

Which of the two processes is the one that I have to launch?.

You have to launch the process according to the confidence you have in the existing associations. For example, if you have created and edited all the translations using KMFasTrans, the most updated will be the translation sets and in this case you will have to launch the process of creating Joomla associations based on the KMFasTrans translation sets. But as we said earlier this will rarely happen and you will not have to launch any process.

If you have to do it anyway, these processes are launched from the window obtained by pressing the link 'Synchronize Associations' on the left menu of any KMFasTrans window. This window is as follows:


 Pressing each 'Synchronize' button will execute the process shown in the header for the elements indicated in the first column of the row in which the button is.