The TRIAL versions are available to know KMFasTrans in depth and thus have sufficient decision-making capacity to buy the PRO version.

Subscription to KMFasTrans TRIAL version require accepting the following conditions:

  • TRIAL versions should not be used in production systems.
  • The PRO version can not be installed over the TRIAL version nor can the TRIAL version be updated to the PRO version. To install the PRO version you have to uninstall the TRIAL version, and doing so will lose the work done. That is why it is most convenient to install the TRIAL version on a local server.
  • The installation of a TRIAL version requires to authorize on this website the domain and / or subdomain in which the TRIAL version is going to be installed. If you are going to install the TRIAL version on a local server, you will have to define a local domain on the local server, for example or as localhost name and add it as a virtual host to your web server This is necessary because the domain you have to authorize must have a correctly formatted domain name.
  • To install a TRIAL version you have to previously install the corresponding TRIAL STARTER. The TRIAL version will be installed as the first and only software update. If there is an error in the software update, you will have to obtain a screenshot of the error and attach it to a support request using the ticketing application.
  • A TRIAL version can only be installed once in a domain.
  • The support of a TRIAL version is limited to 30 days and can not be renewed.
  • For more information you can visit Software Installation and Software Updates.

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