Quickly Create and Translate

Another feature to increase the speed of creation of a multi-language site, the quick creation of elements in several languages simultaneously.

For each element in the list of elements of the Translation Management Dashboard there is a button with the legend 'Quick Create Missing'. Pressing this button will create, for each language that lacks translation, a new smart copy of the element in the source language. In this example, a copy of the article 'Editors-xtd' will be created in all the selected languages.

Another button QCreate&Translate, allows you to do the same as the previous one, plus machine translation of all translatable texts using the configured translation service.

Finally the QTrans-All button, allows you to translate all translatable texts of the source item into all the selected languages, replacing the texts of the existing items in the row by the translations made.

Smart copying means that all the language-dependent options (for example the category) will not be copied directly from the element in the source language, but for each target language the proper element in that language will be chosen.