One of our main goals is customer satisfaction. So in Kmel-joomla-extensions we have created different forms of technical assistance from free access to documentation to support requests by private support ticketing application.

We provide support in both English and Spanish.

Access to Documents

Access to documents is free to any visitor of the website. Currently the website contains also the documentation that is available by clicking the Help link in the pages of the extension after installing it.

A User Manual is also available.

Access to FAQs

There is a FAQs section publicly available where you can find solutions to common problems. Other than the documentation, it is typically the first place to look for information.

Troubleshooting Section

The Troubleshooting section provides tips and guidelines for creating multilingual websites with Joomla !. If you use KMFasTrans, here you'll also find tips on how to use it.

Private Ticketing System

Access to Private ticketing system is reserved for subscribers and is only available while the subscription is active.