When installing old versions of KMFasTrans, sometimes you can get an error number 150 when creating table "kmfastrans_menu_types_ext". This is normally due to the storage engine option defined in MySQL for the table "menu_types". The error occurs when the storage engine is NOT InnoDB.

For MySQL versions prior to 5.5.5 the default storage engine was MyISAM, and since version 5.5.5 and higher the default is InnoDB.

KMFasTrans needs the InnoDB storage engine at least for the "menu_types" table. If you have the default installation for a MySQL version lower than 5.5.5 the storage engine for every table will be MyISAM and you have to change that to InnoDB at least for the table "menu_types". 

This can be done using PHPMyAdmin (Operations, Table Options). Maybe you also have to change the MySQL configuration file "my.ini" to comment the line "skip-innodb".

The best solution if you can is to upgrade MySQL to version 5.5.5 or higher.